Entrepreneurship Service: Editorial Illustration for blog, Social Media Design PSV Partners is a Consulting and administration bureau that shares helpful and reachable information to their audience through their blog.We worked on some illustrations that will make a serious topic be more attractive when sharing through social media, trying to reach a younger entrepreneur segment in […]


Leo the fixie rider inverted mermaid Personal Illustration.Leo is my pet fish, the most spoiled fish in the world.

Here’s Teddy

#DTIYS Doodles and drip’s ‘Here’s Teddy’ Personal Illustration

Little Rascal

#DTIYS Jakeitori’s Little Rascal Personal Illustration


Ameeba Service: Logo Design. Ameeba, a young production house needed a logotype as well as some designs for stickers and a well-put form to invoice their clients. As entrepreneurs, we worked together to create a logotype that showed the authenticity and creativity of the film house.